A Few Marketing Implications – Facebook

Facebook and it's many marketing implications...

     Social Media websites present quite a few opportunities for people of every walk of life.  For the average user, a service like Facebook can be a tool which helps with connecting & staying in touch with family and friends.  For the more advanced user, creating a tribe, which is a following of people who are also interested similar things which can be leveraged for marketing purposes to both serve the market with products that are specifically relevant to said market, while also creating new business opportunities for those who take the time and invest in the platform.

Personally, I use FB to stay in touch with friends and family, to share things I'm interested in or find interesting.  I connect with people who have like interests, build friendships and network through the platform.  As an advanced user I also have two business pages apart from my personal page, and they are meant for business.  They are meant to help me network with like minded individuals, establish credibility, and ultimately allow me to do what I can to make a positive impact in others lives.  One such page is Fit and Fun Fibro.  It's a page that's all about Fibromyalgia, and trying to life well despite the illness.  With over 16,000+ followers, all of which have some interest in Fibromyalgia, it's a way for me to help others, while also in a way be helped myself.  

For Businesses specifically...

The marketing implications & ramifications when understood, or misunderstood in some cases, can mean a world of difference with how a brand and company grows or potentially even dies.  Facebook has allowed every day people to have a voice and has empowered them to share their concerns.. their complaints.. their dissatisfaction in real time.. in front of the whole world.  This can have a major impact with how others view a brand and company.  Likewise, however, when a company manages their relationships well, they also have the opportunity to create more trust and a better public image for themselves.  I would liken the implications of Facebook as a double edged sword.  If you learn to wield it, you don't have to suffer harm, and you can have great benefit and protection.  But if you mishandle, misuse, or don't respect it.. it can very well lead to your demise.  

I have personally done business using Facebook Advertising, and have also made purchases through ads that have been shown to me.  Some businesses advertising is done well, & others... well... let's just say I eventually reported them because of their blatant lack of credibility and unrealistic claims.  I know the implications for business quite well, as I've had to answer customer questions & concerns in real time & I've also seen the ramifications of not being able to take care of the customers needs.  

Ultimately, I believe based on my research & experience, that most corporations & companies are still just barely scratching the surface in the realization of the opportunity that Social Media companies like Facebook provide.  We live in very interesting times, and I for one am excited about what I can see, and even more excited for what is on the horizon.