From my personal experience, I tend to see three different types of advertising on LinkedIn.

1.  Advertorials
2.  Straight-up offers
3.  Direct Messages

Personally, I find Advertorials to be the best types of ads in most cases as it helps build credibility, establishes trust and usually has a pretty good offer attached with it.  The straight-up offers can work if the copy is good and helps solve a problem I’ve been looking for a better solution too.  As for direct messages, quite honestly, I don’t really care for them much.  Personally, I’ve sent direct messages, and I’ve not really gotten any reply’s back either.

Overall, If I were a business or person looking to utilize LinkedIn I would publish Advertorial Articles, as well as run Straight-up Offers to a very specific market in which I knew their problems, could establish very quick rapport by explaining the problems and then could get them to opt-in to my list for a free-bee or low dollar offer that helps that market solve said problem in a quicker and easier way than they currently use.

The power of social media is incredible, and understanding how to take advantage of it can not be understated.  Be sure to follow my blog for more ideas and just my general ramblings of life, marketing, and business.