Apple iVision and why I think they should develop and launch the new product.

I’m choosing Apple for this blog post and my final project because I love their mobile products. I’ve been a fan of the iPhone since the first generation. I believe a natural next step for the company is to bring augmented reality to the masses. Phones are now to the point where the processing power and the wireless blue tooth technology is good enough to allow for more real-life experiences—enhanced experiences through augmented reality which is linked to a new product I would call “iVision”.

iVision would be a pair of glasses that you could sync to your phone via Bluetooth technology, and instantly unlock new experiences even with familiar places and locations people are used too. Imagine going to a restaurant and seeing video or 3d pictures or what looks like real-life food plates of various meals, appetizers on the menu. Say you are driving and you have GPS give you an update in your glasses when to turn, how far away the next update will be, etc.  iVision is a great product which only a company with a dedicated userbase, along with the proper development could truly bring to the masses. Apple is that company which has the tech know-how, business savvy, and a large enough consumer base to make it work.