Pinterest – A Few Business Benefits

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows people to create themed content, save that content in a post type of format they call a "Pin".  

A Few Business Benefits:

  1. You can create Themed boards showcasing merchandise that only a specific market segment would be interested in.
  2. The easy sharing of Pins that people find interesting can help generate extra traffic for a business.
  3. The focus on image posts affords a more visual experience for users, which is really beneficial for businesses who can take advantage of said "Features".  
  4. With a business account there are plenty of marketing metrics to see which pins and boards are performing best to which markets.  This is important so business and marketers can improve their efforts and ad spend ROI.
  5. Pinterest makes it really easy to do give aways, DIY guides, create cheat-sheets and overall generate leads online.